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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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coming forward to speak out about an upcoming prayer service for law enforcement. another group is coming forward to speak out against an upcoming prayer service for law enforcement. >> these windy gusts produce wind chills from the teens and the 20s. and you know what you can expect for your forecast. a major victory for the hawkeyes, mia o'brien with highlights from today's shutout. if you are illinois though -- and you haven't scored a lot -- you're probably gonna want to stay away from this guy, right?so! nutin nutin second quarter -- illini punt to riley mccaronn instead -- and he makes them pay -- his fourth total touchdown this year -- and that's all she wrote for the first half --
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charm for leshun daniels -- again -- after he had a tuddie called back earlier in the drive--again -- iowa in the driver's seat -- remember what i said about this guy? okay. just remember that. first and ten, wes lunt goes to the sideline -- and into the arms of desmond king -- stick with me, kids -- and stick with that iowa defense -- their first shutout since 2010 -- as iowa wins 28-0... another organization respondingto the pray and serve events being held tomorrow in front of four corridor law enforcement agenci. agencies.the "humanists of linn county" tell cbs 2 news that they are "thankful to those who are willing to put events are being held tomorrow. the humanists of linn county say that they are thankful to those who are willing to put themselves in harms way for us.
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the prayer events. any future events will be inclusive of anyone in the community regardless of personal, religious, or secular beliefs. and the lane county sheriff tells us this is not something the agency has put together. and events like this are just a some - - they are simply another way people show support. >> if people want to provide cookies or brownies or green cards saying we appreciate efforts, this is the same thing. planned. today at the state capitol -- the iowa senate democrats chose their leadership. leadership.state senator rob hogg from cedar rapids will serve as the senate democratic . leader.among six assistant leaders elected- two are from the corridor.state senator liz mathis from cedar rapids. will state senator joe bolkcom from iowa city. house republicans chose their
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the next legislative session starts january ninth. today in new jersey -- --the trump transition team continues meetings at the trump national golf club in bed. the next legislative session starts on the ninth. and the president-elect and vice president-elect our meeting with cabinet candidates. that includes mitt romney. donald trump will continue to hold new administration will not we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that the new administration will not protect us. our planet, our children, our
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uphold our enable - - unalienable rights. >> it was wracked with booing and cheering from the audience and members share their opinion at the vice president elects being present at the show. >> everything was about him being there like he was being spoken to directly. >> it was not an appropriate setting to be booing someone who was willing to s >> reporter: should that cast have delivered the message to mike pence? join our facebook page. one social media giant is working on a plan of attack against fake news stories. mark zuckerberg says there are some projects that are underway right now to help identify fake news, he notes there are problems with managing misleading news, saying the company airs on the side of
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they want whenever possible. but they are working on new stories and stronger detection of false stories. and many iowa law enforcement agencies are teaming up this weekend in order to help up - - help out with traffic enforcement as part of the bureau enforcement program that starts tomorrow and at the same time, there is a nationwide campaign with a goal to help increase awareness and compliance about the child restraint and seatbelt law in iowa. so far this year there have been 335 traffic fatalities and half of the people involved were not wearing a seatbelt. and the campaign roles through the 27th. one business is asking for your help, and i will brewing company has a go find me - - account set up, the company opened doors in april and had
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clip - - equipment, money raised would help pay for lost revenue and the cost of moving the equipment back in. $50,000 is the goal. the holidays and helping go hand-in-hand, conor morgan explains how the heart of sievert - - cedar rapids is turning a christmas tree competition into - - >> reporter: a tricked out tree, or 50 got a sign that the holidays are approaching. from superheroes to sports teams, black and gold to read write and - - red white and blue, the festival of trees is in full swing. >> this is a free community event where you can get into the holiday spirit and visit with center and purchase some gifts in the marketplace and have a good time.
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not just for works - - for looks. >> you can vote for your favorite and we will take a people's choice event at the end and we have a box near is one of the trees and there is a ticket and it is on your map as you come in and you drop that ticket in the box and there is your vote. >> reporter: local says that there is a front runner for the time being. >> everyone keeps mentioning the batman tree, size batman in the form of the christmas tree. >> whether you preferred the glow of green or radiant red, these christmas trees are for the taking. >> . >> they are all being auctioned off by silent auction today or tomorrow or a live auction at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: what better way to spread the chair but through tragedy? >> they will be splitting all of the charity and we are getting through to three different organizations.
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where the proceeds go back to the nonprofit. this year we would like to cut a a check to each of the organizations and fund those programs 2017 and beyond. >> reporter: that visible continues with the winners of the competition announced at 5:00 p.m. conor morgan, cbs news. the wind took - - went up and ensue set tree branch fell on a home and left behind major damage, luckily no one was home at the time and now the red cross is stepping in to help the family find a new place to live. and that just shows you the power of the wind, brandon marshall is with us now to talk about the wind and more. >> the wind has been howling pretty good over the last 24 hours and the good news is that
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continue to do so tonight and into tomorrow, check out the windy gust and the reports that we have received, 57 miles per hour in into the - - from independence, hair from good to bad in no time. at the airport, 45 mile-per- hour gusts, strong wind producing wind chills in the teens and the 20s through much of the day today, cold in cedar rapids - - cedar rapids, snapping a streak of 28 straight days with a high temperature above average and was on the 27th. our run has come to an end. taking a look at the live doppler radar, dry across the court or as we back out across eastern iowa with nothing going on and a quiet radar over the next couple of days, the next chance will - - arrive late monday into tuesday, a big storm, the pressure is bringing in a cold northwest flow, as
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build into eastern iowa, the forecast tonight, tomorrow morning, the coldest night of the season, mostly sunny to start your sunday, cold with light wind out of the northwest, centerpoint and central city, done to 18 degrees, 19 in cedar rapids and 22 start in iowa city, bundle up if you are heading out early tomorrow morning, it will be very cold and chilly and less windy tomorrow, and here is our protector going high pressure builds into the midwest. here we are at 6:00, tomorrow , tomorrow morning, clear skies, sunshine tomorrow around 2:00 and then we keep that sunshine around as we start monday and into the afternoon before the clouds begin to build on late monday and tuesday and here it is again, clear skies, sunshine and here at at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and monday morning, around 9:00, clear skies and as
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begin to build and that will linger into wednesday as well, to the north, clear, cold, 16 below in waterloo and 21 is the warm spot if you would like to call that warm in dubuque. and 19 in cedar rapids. . 20 in iowa city and washington. in your forecast tomorrow, if you degrees warmer, wind will switch to the southeast at five up 37 - - 37 up to 39 in the north and the south, a light southeast wind, 40 all the way through iowa city, your extended forecast, sunshine, 44, and a light rain and snow mix on tuesday morning before switching to 46 lingering into
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47, then off and on, a cool things giving day, forty-two, and a weaker disturbance with a light rain and snow mix thursday night and into friday as the temperatures will be right around average. >> thank you brandon. that is our new set 10. and the top stories and weather first forecast in the first 10
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2 this morning - a sweet new- age thanksgiving story, how a grandmother's mistaken text built a new friendship and an extra seat at the thanksgiving table. that's monday at five death, taxes, and the iowa defense -- but after akrum wadley's monster night against michigan -- perhaps the iowa
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taxes and hawkeye defense. after a monster night against michigan, perhaps the iowa running game is also a guarantee, put to the test against the defensive wizard himself up 7-0 in the quarter. and daniels makes it 14-0 for the hawks. in his day was far from over, fourth quarter iowa in the midfield, daniels hits the hole and he is 159 yards on the day, daniels all day long. you cannot forget about that other guarantee, iowa defense, and don't forget about the freshman, all 172 pounds of him, his second straight start and his second straight game forcing a turnover putting the hawks deep into the territory and the slide in for the final score of this bowl game 28-0
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pat maroney has more on the seventh victory of the year for iowa. >> all week long the message was the same. >> reporter: and upset victory over michigan does not matter unless they build on it and today, they built on it in a a big way and they showed that they are built to win in november. [ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] >> we have a lot of fighters on this team for sure, galaxies going to grind it out, we are going to family, and maybe things early on are not going our way but if we keep an eye out, good things will happen. >> all good things for a defense that held illinois under 200 total yards of offense. >> we are going out there and playing the basics and doing our job and communicating across the board and just going out there to play the iowa
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physical and play together. >> reporter: after a sloppy start on offense, the ground game revved up to 60 to rush yards. >> we loved being physical and really grinding on people and breaking their will and they are blowing tails off like they were today. and you know, all i expect is that we go and run hard. >> reporter: in the end, a total team effort. >> the coach talks about that more than anything. team football when all the phases of the game are coming together and it is a cumulative effect. >> reporter: in years past they have been knocked down for not finishing strong but this year, back-to-back impressive victories and they are finishing stronger than ever. today is not a normal saturday. i'm angry, pat is in the field, field, zach is often iowa state has been able to win two games
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today, 4-3 early in the second quarter, meet - - jacob clark goes in for the one-handed score, it is casual, 21-3 and the quarterback carousel continues, joe with his second touchdown, a school tying record of five and that defense came to light as well. patrick holtz gets picked off and moya his mind. 45-3 at the half, iowa state wins it 66-10, and they had never been on a winning streak during three years and now they will vote for the third their first postseason victory since 2009? don't go anywhere -- we'll be right back! back!"cbs 2 news connects with us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at connect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2.
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any playoff push for 5-and-5 u-n-i on the line against south dakota state tonight -- and the jackrabbits conference title... title...but mark fa any playoff push 5-5 on the line against south dakota states night, the jackrabbits have a shot at the outright conference title. but mark in the game had other ideas, down by seven early, what time is it? oh, that's right, it was rhyme time, a boot yesterday to tie things off at 7:00, he was just heating up.
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score, special things for special teams, hitting the edge and passed the kicker, and off to the races, 99 yards on the return, the freshman will equal - - equalize the score once more, but the wheels did start to follow up for the panthers in the second half. eli is picked off, eliminating us from the playoffs. ask mark, this one is on them. >> it goes back to inflicted wounds, not making plays, that is why we are done and they are still playing because they made those plays and those contested catches and we need to get the ball out and we had some errors on turnovers. >> reporter: cohosting the first playoff game - - playoff games, gavin glenn is going to have a man in the end zone.
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was the defense, closing minutes of the first half, often trundle says i will take that, nine, yes nine turnovers, still the same score on the third quarter, the man to change that? a defensive lineman plowing in secnod round.... weather delays for participating teams in this weekend's hawkeye challenge meant that bluder's bunch would be getting an earlier wake-up call than usual today... but they were up -- get it? -- and ready for umass... and megan gustafson...was eating but they were up and ready for you next. megan was eating minutemen for breakfast. and she outscored the entire team all by herself and got
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senior, finishing 17 points in 17 minutes, next up is south dakota state tomorrow at 2:30. and kirk will - - kirkwood hosting mount mercy, the kickback goes to tanner frazier. that one is good beyond the arc. and winston says i will see you are three and match kirkwood would take the lead. and the seal finished by harp. the eagles come on back to win
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cheers/tree lights up!" up!" chicago's official christmas tree is now up and lit. weighing in at more than 10- thousand pounds and towering over millennium there you have it, chicago's official christmas tree is now up and shining and weighing in at more than 10,000 pounds. it is park at 69 feet high, this tree was donated by a family in - - in illinois and this is the 10 third annual christmas tree lighting in chicago and the ceremony is considered the kick- off event for the holiday shopping season. and some folks in illinois are hurting today. >> even those who were hurting,
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from the cold weather. >> the cold, the wind, they were air throughout that game - - they were throughout the - - we are looking at the satellite now. and the wind has been howling and high-pressure is setting in, and setting the stage for a very cold night as we check the graphic forecast as it is coming up, i promise. we are waiting. mostly sunny and cold tomorrow when you get off, bundle up when you run your errands, 19 in cedar rapids, 20 in iowa city and tomorrow we start off like i mentioned in the teens, up to 40 degrees with sunshine around 3:00 in the afternoon, and 40s mondays and - - monday and into tuesday. >> that will be nice, and thank
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. ring of honor wrestling is brought to you in part by the health alert hotline. if you have knee and back pain and have medicare please call. and have medicare please call. ? ?


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